Managed IT Services

The traditional method of IT support is called “Break Fix”. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Literally waiting until a server, computers, or other critical network device breaks or has a problem, then calling third party IT companies who scramble to fix it.  Break fix is reactive, slow to respond, inefficient, and costly.  There is a better way and it’s called Managed IT Services.

So how is Managed IT Services different?

Managed IT Services is proactive – 3Key typically knows about an IT problem before our clients do and can address it in a timely manner.  Down time is significantly minimized, saving you money.

Managed IT Services is organized – 3Key will actually develop and maintain a plan for your technology.  Because technology changes so rapidly, we update your plan on a consistent basis so you know what to expect in the next one, three, and five years.

Managed IT Services is responsive – Nothing is worse than slow response.  3Key understands that time is money.  With managed IT Services there is no calling or submitting a ticket and waiting days or even hours.  Our team will respond and begin working on your issue immediately.

Managed IT Services improves company moral – Because 3Key is incentivized to minimize and alleviate your IT problems, managed IT services will eliminate ongoing IT frustration, providing an improved and more productive workplace.

3KeyIT is our flagship Managed IT Services solution for small to medium sized businesses that provides proactive IT support, data security solutions, and strategic technology consulting. We believe that 3KeyIT will not only transform your technology, but will actually transform how you do business.

5 Reasons Why Break Fix Doesn’t Work

Break Fix is reactive – Break Fix IT companies wait until after the problem has occurred and now you’re down and waiting for them to fix it. Downtime equals lost revenue.

Break Fix is costly – Break Fix IT companies are not incentivized to fix the problem the first time. The more problems you have, the more money they make. They are counting on you to have problems.

Break Fix is frustrating – When a company has lots of IT problems, it affects the entire company. The staff get frustrated, the ownership gets frustrated, downtime and issues are costly, and it can even spill over to your clients if you can’t meet deadlines or you have a security threat hit you.

Break Fix is disorganized – Most Break Fix IT companies don’t have a plan for your technology, which means higher costs, more downtime, and more frustration.